Day 351

Today was a pretty restful day besides my personal training session in the park. I got home after feeling a little buggered. I think it was the burpees that did it! I am feeling stronger in my body now. I am able to do more. I still have no desire to go to the gym. I have weights at home and I feel like if I did my own routine that would work better for me. I feel like my body has been through a lot in the past two years. I do believe though that my body is made for this. It can handle most things and will get us through this pregnancy. I have officially twenty three weeks to go until my induction so I am counting down! It wont be long before I am half way there. I feel like I am starting to bond more with this bub. I still haven’t felt any real kicks so sometimes my mind plays tricks on me. Every time I see my OB it is like an extra bit of reassurance that everything is ok. I know in my heart everything is ok but my mind still likes to scare me. I will just have to manage this throughout my pregnancy. I am also committed to meditating more as I know when I do I drop into that heart space. I can hear my intuition more clearly and there is less anxiety.

I hope you are ok little one. I think of you both and I hope you have a special bond from that space in between.

Author: Jodie Matthews

I am a mother, writer, mindful life coach, minimalist and many other things. I love mother nature. I am happiest when I am floating in the ocean. I am a keen traveller and love to explore and discover new places. You can connect with me further on instagram at @jodieleannematthews

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