Day 160

It is really hard to put into words what today has meant for me. Spending time with my soul sisters and being a part of this conference has been so heart warming. I am feeling even more certain I am on the right path. I am checking in with my soul each day to make sure I am aligned in everything I do. I am asking my spiritual board of directors to ensure I stay on track. I am calling in all my angels and guides to help me on this path. My intentions are to stay calm, peaceful and grounded each day. To show up as my true self 100%. To be of service each day and continue to share my heart. Finish and publish my book for other women who need it. To continue to have rich relationships with those I love. To take each moment as it comes and be present.

The speakers that really touched my heart today were Luke Hines, Gala Darling, Leon Nacson and Tara Bliss. Luke Hines for his vulnerability and truth that he shared. He had a bit of a breakdown as he was trying to keep up with so much each day. He realised his ego was driving some of his business. He asked us to share from the heart when it comes to social media. Share from a place of service not to get a certain amount of likes. Share it like you would with a friend. Gala reminded me that a small bit of action is all that it takes. Gala also said ‘Front load your day with shit that lights you up!’. It is that simple to make pleasure a priority in your life. She also reminded us to stop worrying about what you think people want and create what you want out there in the world. We got homework which consisted of – Sign up to a twerking class, ruthlessly cancel anything that fills you with dread and tap on your limiting beliefs (as in EFT).

Tara reminded us that our businesses are not us. We are a separate entity to them and we need to allow them to spread their wings and fly. Tara reminded us that we need to protect our solar plexus, our sacred power centre. If others are hooking in and taking your power then kindly unhook them and let them go. Tara spoke about how collaborative leadership with the earth and others is a must. She also mentioned we must ask our businesses where to go next? Who to hire? What to create?. She also said this truth bomb – Stamina to leave a legacy requires endurance.

Leon was one of my favourite speakers as not only was he hilarious but he was so real. The guy is CEO of the huge publishing company that is Hay House Australia and the story of how he got there is almost unbelievable. He was overweight and drank a bottle of calamine lotion instead of Mylanta when he had indigestion after eating a pizza. That lead him down a rabbit hole to end up representing some of the biggest names in spirituality and health. He then became a published best selling author through dictation as he had dyslexia and wasn’t interested in writing it out. He overcame many things where most people would quit. The message I got loud and clear from all the speakers was that ‘you have no excuse’. Go out there into the world and create. Sometimes you may fail and flop on your face. Other times you may succeed more than your wildest dreams. So go out there, don’t be shy.

Hamish I am so grateful for today. Thank you for giving me this kick up the butt to get going with all my dreams.

Author: Jodie Matthews

I am a mother, writer, mindful life coach, minimalist and many other things. I love mother nature. I am happiest when I am floating in the ocean. I am a keen traveller and love to explore and discover new places. You can connect with me further on instagram at @jodieleannematthews

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